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Convert more missed callers and undecided leads into clients

Helping home service companies turn warm leads into new clients with our "Speed-to-Lead" and lead nurturing software. 

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What is MicaText?

MicaText automatically engages your missed callers and undecided leads with personalized text message campaigns.


We enable your business to respond quickly to missed calls while still creating a personal first impression for new leads, leading to more warm leads working with your company. We also give you peace of mind that you're doing everything you can to ensure every new lead is being consistently followed up with (without any extra work).

"The Old Way"

Lose clients to competitors if you can't get to the phone

Can't automatically follow up with missed calls 

Potential clients might not feel like they have all the information they need to feel comfortable working with your team after their call


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Book new client appointments before they call around town

Re-engage callers with your business information automatically

Follow up with every potential client right away with information to help them decide to work with your company

Why is "Speed-to-Lead" so important?

  • 78% of clients buy from the company that responds first to their initial outreach 

  • Companies experience a 391% increase in converting leads into clients when responding within one minute

  • Leads are 10x less likely to respond if a company takes more than five minutes to contact them after their initial outreach

   (Statistics courtesy of LeanData)


When to use MicaText:

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When you're not able to answer the phone during the day

When a lead is still deciding if they want to work with you after your initial call 

When it's outside of normal business hours

Star Plumbing

“Easy to set up, and I've already won new clients in the first 3 weeks of using it. 10/10 recommend."

Chameleon Electric 

"We activate MicaText when we're on a job and after hours so no missed calls fall through. We like the peace of mind it brings that we're doing everything we can to follow up right away even when we can't get to the phone."

Jeff Karnes Roofing

"We send all our missed calls through MicaText, and add clients getting quotes into a MicaText campaign as well. We're very happy with the results we've seen."

How It Works

Getting up and running is easy.

Create your account

You'll receive your number, test your connection, set up your voicemail recording, and then you'll be on your way to creating your first campaign.


Create your campaign

We help you create a compliant opt-in message for your text recipients, and you get to choose the messaging and timing for the rest of your campaign steps. Preview what your text message is going to look like so you know exactly what messaging your potential clients are receiving. Send links, information about your business, and more to turn warm leads into clients (see messaging ideas here).

Add MicaText to your contacts

Forwarding calls to MicaText during a busy workday or outside of business hours is as easy as dialing your MicaText contact in your phone. Once you're available to answer calls again, simply turn off call forwarding.


Start your campaign!

Once your campaign is ready to go, activate your campaign and have your missed callers and undecided leads begin to receive your text messages. Add MicaText to your contacts on your cell phone for easy forwarding when you're busy during the day or it's outside of business hours, or forward calls to MicaText outside of business hours or after they chat with leads still making a decision.

Receive notifications and voicemails

We text you right away when a new missed call enters a campaign. We send you the voicemail, number, and campaign the caller is associated with so you can take the proper follow-up actions right away. 


Manage callers and book more clients

Call back missed callers right away, and track and manage which numbers are in what step in your campaign at all points in time. Easily remove numbers from campaigns once a lead becomes your client, and watch your new clients roll in from having your follow-up sidekick working for you at all hours of the day! 

Check out messaging ideas here, and call 312-757-8104 (click on the number) to experience a real-time example of a MicaText campaign.

  • Is MicaText easy to set up?
    Yes - it only takes a few minutes to receive your own dedicated number and create your follow up campaign. Throw our number in your cell phone, and give us a call when you're busy during the day and can't get to the phone, when it's outside of business hours, or when you're OOO and have MicaText engage clients for you until you're able to get back to them. Simply end call forwarding (by dialing *73 for most carriers) when you're back and able to receive calls again. Easy! You can also book a personalized 1x1 onboarding session here.
  • Can I add booking links and other URLs to my MicaText campaigns?
    Yes! You can add links to your website, appointment booking links, or any other URLs that you would like to include.
  • I use my personal mobile number as my business number. Will my current mobile contacts receive MicaText campaigns if they call me when I'm forwarding my number?
    Your contacts won't be dropped into a campaign since they won't opt-in to your campaigns.
  • How do I remove a caller I connected with that was entered into a campaign already?
    We've made this really simple to do. Log in, search their number in the contacts section, and press the trash icon next to their number so they'll never receive another follow up text from you again.
  • Does MicaText integrate with the software I already use?
    Yep! MicaText doesn't interfere with your current software since it works with your phone (or phone system) directly through call forwarding, and there's nothing you need to install to get started. If you want, you can have MicaText communicate with any tool you're using via upload or Zapier (coming soon).
  • I have a receptionist. Is MicaText still useful for my business?
    Yes, even if your team isn't missing a lot of phone calls, you can use MicaText to send your leads follow up campaigns to help win their business if they're still trying to decide on who to work with. Check out our campaign ideas for nurturing and converting undecided leads here.
  • Will anything change about my call answering for my business or my customers?
    Nothing changes for your customers about your current phone call and voicemail process when you use MicaText. For your business, you'll create the exact same voicemail as you have on your current answering machine, and MicaText will handle rest.
  • How will I be notified when a new lead enters a campaign?
    You'll receive all new campaign enrollment details and client voicemails to your cell phone.
  • Will known callers from my contact list receive my MicaText campaigns?
    Your current contact list won't receive text messages, only new potential leads that opt in to messaging.
  • Will MicaText interact with spam callers?
    MicaText won't engage with incoming spam callers, just real numbers that could be potential clients.

Simple pricing that scales with your business needs

Free Forever

✔ Texting number included

✔ Up to 10 texts a month

✔ Up to 3 monthly missed calls

✔ Unlimited messages

✔ Unlimited voicemails

✔ Outstanding support

✔ 5 minute setup


✔ Texting number included

Up to 600 texts a month

Up to 100 monthly missed calls

✔ Unlimited messages

✔ Unlimited voicemails

✔ Outstanding support

✔ 5 minute setup


✔ Texting number included

✔ Up to 60 texts a month

✔ Up to 15 monthly missed calls

✔ Unlimited messages

✔ Unlimited voicemails

✔ Outstanding support

✔ 5 minute setup


Texting number(s) included

Up to millions of texts a month

Millions of monthly recipients

✔ Unlimited messages

✔ Unlimited voicemails

✔ Outstanding support

✔ 5 minute setup


✔ Texting number included

Up to 250 texts a month

Up to 50 monthly missed calls

✔ Unlimited messages

✔ Unlimited voicemails

✔ Outstanding support

✔ 5 minute setup

Discover how MicaText can help you convert more missed callers and undecided leads into clients.


Sign up for a free trial, or call 312-757-8104 and experience a MicaText messaging workflow in action when you dial the number!

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